Top Recruiter’s Tips for Resume Writing

Recruiters come into contact with resumes every single day. After all, this is their career choice. For this reason, recruiters are the best people to take advice from when it comes to resume writing. You need to create a clean resume that simultaneously makes you stand out from the competing candidates. These tips come directly from a professional recruiter and will help you create a worthy resume no matter what field you are in!

  • Keep it simple. Resumes are not supposed to be flashy. These are documents used solely to show off your skills. Your context should be the only part of a resume that’s flashy, so make sure you stick to a simple template-like style.
  • Be unique when it comes to your descriptions. Don’t use the same key phrases used on thousands of resumes across the board. You shouldn’t take these sections too seriously either, since most of the time, this part is just fluff. You do not want to sound like every other individual that’s competing with you for this position.
  • Chronologically order your resumes, but in reverse. You need to put your most recent position first. If it’s at the end of your resume, the recruiter may not even read it. In this section, you should focus on emphasizing all of your most recent accomplishments at your most recent job.
  • List your achievements. Rather than utilizing an “objectives” paragraph that recruiters often ignore, make sure you list all of your accomplishments. Especially for your job experience section, it’s a great idea to not only list your roles, but list your accomplishments. This lets the recruiter know what you are really capable of in the work force.

There’s no better place to take resume advice from than boutique recruiting firms. With all of their experience in this field, it’s important to take their advice very seriously and apply them to your resume writing process.