Remodeling your Garage into an Apartment

Remodeling your garage into an apartment comes with a number of benefits. If you decide on renting it out then you will automatically have an extra source of income, or if you’re looking to sell your house then this will increase your property’s value. This article will offer some insights on the processes involved in remodeling the garage into an apartment.

Before doing anything, you must first attain any required permits. Once you have received the permit, you will then have to get a building inspector to view the garage. The first step is to start with the door. There are a number of garage door options but the most important thing to make sure is that it’s insulated. The apartment will not be a pleasant space to live in if it’s freezing cold during the winters and scorching hot during the summers.  After that, you need to inspect your floor to see if it is sloped. If the floors are sloped, then pour concrete to level it all out. You can then either choose to paint your floor with matte paint to give the floor some light or you can call a carpenter.

The next step is to install piping and electricity. Then, you must install a cooling unit and heating. If you decide on running the heating and cooling ducts from your home, you might have to pay a little extra.  After that process is finished, move onto the walls. Make sure that the walls are insulated since avoiding this step will end up costing you a lot of money in heating and cooling bills. Then, cover your walls with drywall. Dry wall is energy efficient, fire resistant, and the most cost effective choice. The last step is to paint the dry wall using a latex paint.

These simple steps will help transform your garage space into an apartment space. For help with these steps, look up some home garage organization ideas to make this process as easy and simple as possible.