The Difference Between DTG and Screen Printing Methods

It’s a common misconception that there is only one method of creating customized tee shirts through printing processes. There are two very popular methods known as screen printing and Direct to Garment, also known as DTG. It’s critical to learn the differences between the two different methods before hiring a company for your graphic tee shirt orders. This article will explain the various pros and cons of each method, helping you make a more knowledgeable decision next time you’re considering customized tee shirts.

The most cost-effective method is certainly screen printing. This process is very easy and affordable for huge orders for events. Most screen printing shops also offer discounts on voluptuous order sizes. You can choose from various colors/inkjets, design placement, and incorporate fine details. There are some negative attributes as well. The more colors utilized, the higher the cost of your tee shirts. Additionally, you can’t put in multiple designs for one order since these shirts are mass produced.

The Direct to Garment method differs greatly. This process allows for a lot of different colors being utilized in one design without the extra charge. You have a greater capability to use more distinct details within the design. Because of these features, this is not a good method for larger order sizes. It’s also not cost-effective for the larger order sizes.

It’s critical to compare both of these popular methods before putting in a tee shirt order so that you maker sure you’re using the correct inkjet films for your design. These two options greatly differ in regard to order size, capabilities with the design, and cost. You need to figure out what your plans are with the customized tee shirts such as what event are you wearing these to, how many shirts will you need, etc. so you consult with the right company!