Reasons to have a Responsive Website

Every business owner needs a good website if they want to be successful. Too often, technology becomes obsolete so it’s important to always have a highly functional and responsive design. This article will offer some reasons why having a responsive website is so important to become a prosperous business.

  1. Everyone has gone “mobile”: The number of smartphone users around the world increases each year. For example there are 72% in America, 67% in Canada, 88% in South Korea. About 56% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. These numbers clearly indicate the severity of having a website that is not mobile friendly. The numbers increase each year, meaning that the chances of someone going onto your site with their mobile devices also increases. If someone were to log onto a site and has a poor interactions and viewing experiences with your site, then they will most likely never want to do business with you or go back to your site.
  2. Improves your SEO rankings: In order for a website to perform well in Google search rankings, then they must have responsive websites. In order for your business to be visible for those that are looking for your product or service you offer, then you must get on the first page of rankings on google.
  3. Increase in Mobile Shopping: Retail is slowly withering away as E-commerce is dominating the way people choose to shop. Since people are constantly on their mobile devices, they have now found the freedom of buying things with little to no effort. If your site isn’t properly optimized, then you are losing the opportunity of getting more sales.
  4. Easier to Manage: Having separate websites for mobile phones and desktop displays can be very difficult to keep up to date and relevant. Making a responsive website will allow you to focus on just one thing rather than consistently updating two sites at a time.
  5. Will be ready for the future: Responsive websites will work with any new screens and devices that might become popular in the future. Your business will be ready and secure for any changes to come.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to become successful in any industry on the web. For the best web design possible, keep up to date with technologies and responsiveness methods.