Biggest Trends for 2017 Website Design

Concepts in all industries across the board are subject to emerging trends that change the techniques and methods within that market. Particularly, website designers experience this often because technology is changing every single day. For this reason, we decided to come up with an article including a bunch of current trends for website design in 2017. Follow these guidelines if you want to maximize the success of your web design firm today!

  1. Unique font faces- In recent years, website designers have focused on simplistic and easily readable typefaces, however, these were boring and left people with limited options. Now, people are opting for more unique font faces that are readable on devices of all sizes and resolutions!
  2. Straying away from minimalistic backgrounds- White backgrounds recently were very popular for clean and professional web designs. However, there has been a shift towards black aesthetic backgrounds instead. The elements on the page use white or light colors, creating a similar effect to that of a minimalistic design.
  3. Neutral color palettes- Natural colors pair off better with minimalistic techniques than other overbearing colors. Natural hues can be very appealing and still gives off that neat, professional style that most businesses try to achieve with their target audience.
  4. Using geometry within styles- Whether it’s header images or sections below, most areas of a website use geometry to improve the visual appeal of the design. It often makes it easier to break up the images and text in a visually appealing and animated way.
  5. Oversized but simplified text- Less is more in many cases, especially with header text. Most designers are opting for larger text and headings with a single or few words. This is not only visually appealing, but helps the audience grasp the important message the brand wants to convey.

These current trends for 2017 need to be implemented if you want to keep up with your competition! The industry is always changing, making it so important for web designers and business owners alike to stay informed and keep their websites up to date.A New York web company will have all of the answers for you to turn your website into a masterpiece.