Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Once you have selected a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, you must then prepare for your surgery. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions so that you can quickly recover. This article will offer you some helpful guidance when it comes to preparing for your surgery!

If you’re a smoker, you must stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery. Nicotine will slow down the recovery process by limiting the oxygen flow in your body. The carbon monoxide also negatively affects the body’s tissue. Additionally, it is important to stop taking aspirin or anything containing aspirin two weeks before your surgery. This anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drug affects the platelet which needs to function properly after your surgery.

You should also cut out vitamin E or other herbal substances. Make sure to keep any strenuous physical activity to a minimum during the weeks leading up to your surgery. you need to be well rested before going into the operating room. For the recovery process, it is important to get a friend or family member to help you for a few days/nights after your surgery. The recovery process will be much smoother having someone bring you your food, beverages, and medications.

Also arrange transportation to and from your surgery because you will not be able to operate a vehicle after a rhinoplasty procedure. Make sure to have a balanced and nutritious diet leading up to your surgery, and avoid salty foods since this can raise your blood pressure. It is also a good idea to stock up on items that you will need for your recovery process. You will need plenty of ice to reduce swelling so buy zip-top bags for the ice packs. Your lips will also get extremely dry after this surgery so lip balm will be essential. Most importantly, stock up on your prescriptions so you can avoid running out of medicine during your recovery process. Make sure that you have lots of pillows in the area you will be recovering in since you must keep your head elevated.

These helpful tips will help you during your liquid rhinoplasty NYC procedure. Follow the above-mentioned for the most speedy recovery possible!