Making a Better Architect Portfolio

Whether you’re getting yourself ready for a job interview or working to obtain new clients, architects need an impressive portfolio to demonstrate their best works. Creating an impressive portfolio is not always the easiest task, especially for those who have worked on hundreds or thousands of projects. This article will aim to inform architects about the best practices for putting together a better portfolio.

  • Decide whether your portfolio will be digital or paper. There are pros and cons of each. If you’re looking to get a job interview, you’ll need to research the company’s preferences when it comes to portfolios. To be safe, you should have two portfolios, one in each format, so you can please hiring managers and clients alike.
  • Be sure that it’s organized and neat. The best practice when it comes to an architect portfolio is to have a clean layout that utilizes white space effectively. In addition, it shouldn’t include every single project you’ve ever worked on. Include unique, interesting, and the most prized works that you would like interviewers and clients to see.
  • Use tools to help you create a better portfolio. There are so many applications and digital software that can now help architects build the best portfolio possible. Some of these tools include iBooks Author and Prezi. These tools help create wonderful digital portfolios that emphasize the architect’s creative abilities.
  • Demonstrate your personality through your works. A portfolio needs to represent you, the architect, in an appealing, unique, and interesting way. The portfolio should communicate with interviewers and clients your unique style and personality. In addition, the portfolio should demonstrate what you’re passionate about since you will emphasize specific designs within it.

Follow the above-mentioned tips if you’re looking to improve your architectural portfolio. It’s critical to emphasize your strengths, passions, and personality within the portfolio to score jobs or clients in the industry. For instance, emphasize your modern house designs if that’s your strong suit.